Giorgio Armani brings made-to-measure service to Hong Kong

Since its launch, Giorgio Armani’s made-to-measure service has captivated a lot of customers.

It also has a celebrity following, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Paolo Sorrentino, Christian Bale, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and George Clooney.

Made-to-measure suits combine the spirit of Armani with the premium quality of craftsmanship.

“To qualify as a true bespoke, or hand-made garment, there are certain elements you need to deliver,” Giorgio Armani says.

The customer is able to select from a number silhouettes, and choose the material, the lining, the lapel the style of buttons and pocket combinations.

Specialised tailors from Italy will provide the exclusive made-to-measure service in Hong Kong at Giorgio Armani’s Central store from September 22 to 23 and at Giorgio Armani’s Canton Road store on September 24. Appointments are necessary.

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