Kingaru Sleep Bound to Start Selling the Mattress in Philippines

Kingaru is a sleep company operating in Asia that launched in 2017 with one perfect mattress sold directly to consumers — eliminating commission-driven, inflated prices.

Kingaru has just announced they have signed a joint venture to start selling Kingaru Mattresses in Philippines. This joint ventures allows them to explore a new market and offer Filipino’s the best sleep possible and this in a few weeks from now.

Kingaru didn’t disclose how much capital or investment was involved in this deal. Its sleep quality was developed in-house, has a modern design, and is delivered in a box. The companies mattress was crowned one of Retail Asia’s Best Product Inventions of 2017.

The first marketing wave will target Manilla from April onwards as the company said.  Local production allows them to grow swift without any logistic and custom headaches.

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