Kingaru Sleep: Generation Bed Awakens in Indonesia

Kingaru Sleep, the global sleep company that is flipping the mattress industry on its head one well-slept night at a time, wants to bring bedtime back for poorly-slept Indonesians. As part of its mission to pioneer the road to better sleep, the global sleep company today announces the results of a first-of-its-kind, Indonesian-wide study into the bedtime behaviour of adults across the country. The results show that a trend is stirring beneath the sheets: the awakening of Generation Bed.

  • Sleepy Indonesians would sacrifice a night out (28%), skip a gym class (23%), give up their computer or smartphone (19%) or even shun a promotion (5%) for more time in bed
  • The average Indonesian spends over 7 hours a month (a whole work day!) daydreaming about bedtime.

Move over “Millennials” and “Gen Z”, Generation Bed is a cultural tribe that transcends gender, national borders and even age! Its members are united not only by a shared love for bed, with a huge 82% declaring that they LOVE their bed – but for using bed as an emotional sanctuary, a place of work, the coolest place to spend a Saturday night and yes – occasionally still – a place of romance.

2018: Year of the Bed

Bedtime has become a dreamy escape from the post-truth uncertainty of 2018. In the Generation Bed report, one third said they feel “at my most safe” and a fifth said “at my happiest” when in bed. Perhaps this is why a third of Indonesian now hit the hay before 9:30pm– earlier than ever before – making the mattress the literal bedrock of the times.

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You would be wrong in thinking it’s the older demographic who are looking to get an early night, however; the Generation Bed Report reveals that 29% of under 25 year olds actually head up to bed before 10pm. In fact, 14% of under 25’s would even happily give up their social life or a night out in favour of more time in bed.

You better work less

With employees working longer than ever before and over two thirds of workers admitting to frequently feeling stressed, it is no surprise that the average Indonesian spends 15 minutes at work daydreaming about their bed.

Fancy pencilling in a cheeky snooze tomorrow? WFB (working from bed) is emerging as the new corporate trend. Relaxed dress codes (35%), good access to napping facilities (21%), avoiding awkward water cooler chat (12%) and staying well hidden from prying bosses (15%) are listed as the top reasons Brits love WFB.

Getting creative under the covers

Forget “made in Europe” or “made in the USA”, when it comes to Generation Bed it seems the best ideas are “made in bed” as 57% say they get creative in bed. The top creative activities including:

  1. Writing (36%)
  2. YouTubing (15%)
  3. Drawing (20%)
  4. Inventing (8%)
  5. Creating recipes (6%)
  6. Blogging (10%)
  7. Making music (5%)
  8. Coding (7%)

Time to snuggle down and start penning that masterpiece! Sack it in for more time in the sack.

What would you give up for more time between the sheets? The report reveals there is very little Generation Bedders wouldn’t give up for more time in the sack. 32% have admitted to making up an excuse not to go to a party, 17% have cancelled a date and 21% have bailed on meeting a friend, all for those precious extra minutes between the sheets.

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Romance is bed

From starting new relationships on dating apps in bed (6%) to settling an argument (11.8%) and even using it as the setting for the perfect proposal (2%), the Generation Bed Report confirms bedtime is the consistent space where relationships are established, grown and cherished.

But don’t get complacent; when it comes to bedtime habits, men and women have equally high standards. 20.8% would happily kick their partner out of bed for hogging all the covers, while 15% would show you the door for putting your cold feet on them at night and 5% would banish their partner on the sofa for not being cuddly enough!

Sven Vervaert, founder of Kingaru Sleep, says: At Kingaru we believe that sleep is much more than one of lifes fundamental necessities. We love our beds, and have long thought that bedtime is much more than a synonym for sleeptime. Our Generation Bed Report proves that its not just us who are busy building businesses, getting creative and seeking solace under the sheets!


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