Masquespacio takes inspiration from a laboratory for its colourful store

Clashing colours and sharp angles characterise a unique retail interior created by Spanish design studio Masquespacio, giving little away as to the store’s purpose.

The space is home to smartphone and gadget repair shop Doctor Manzana, the company’s second store, located in Valencia’s university district.

Online design magazine Dezeen reports that having already designed Doctor Manzana’s first retail store back in 2013, Masquespacio wanted to use the same bold colours and patterns they had introduced four years ago, but with the addition of some new elements.

While one half of the space is painted salmon pink, the other has a silver metallic finish, reports Dezeen.  The blocks of colour are applied to the walls, floor, ceiling and fixtures at 54-degree angles, which the designers say is a reference to the angle that a touchscreen device is held at.

“Besides the four different colours – green and blue as a reference to the doctor, salmon for the fashionistas and purple for the geeks – the metal adds an industrial touch that reminds us of the laboratories,” explained the designers, Ana Milena Hernandez Palacios and Christophe Penasse.

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