Microsoft supports Mitsubishi in digital transformation of trucks, logistics operations

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. is leveraging its AI, mixed reality and other cutting-edge technologies to support Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in an initiative to enhance its customer relations, boost employee productivity and drive the digital transformation of its business through digitalising its truck and logistics operations.

MFTBC is pursuing digital transformation based on its Connected X concept. Connected X seeks to boost productivity and offer further added value through seamlessly connecting employees, customers, devices, trucks and factories. MFTBC launched its Connected X project in July 2017, and is pursuing a wide range of digitalisation initiatives with the goal of becoming a 100 per cent digital manufacturing company by June 2019. At present, the following three key components are in progress.

1    AI chatbot

MFTBC plans to streamline its operations by deploying an Azure-based internal helpdesk chatbot to respond appropriately and promptly to frequently asked questions. The chatbot will enable queries to be answered more uniformly in less time. MFTBC aims to enhance customer services, productivity, and maintenance quality by deploying the chatbot across the whole company and enabling it to also handle customer inquiries and converse with drivers and mechanics.

2    Truckonnect operation management system

MFTBC is using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub for its Truckonnect operation management system that connects trucks and buses to the cloud so as to enable vehicle location and remaining fuel to be monitored in real time, thereby preventing problems before they occur and enabling more efficient transport and smooth vehicle maintenance by sharing information with vehicle dispatch centres.

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3    Utilisation of Microsoft HoloLens to transform development and maintenance

MFTBC and Microsoft Japan will make concrete preparations for deploying Microsoft HoloLens, a self-contained Windows 10-powered holographic computer, by the end of this year to revolutionise conventional vehicle design and development, preventive maintenance and other processes by enabling users, engineers, and designers to simultaneously share visualised 3-D data. HoloLens will unlock new possibilities in digital experiences, collaboration and workstyle by leveraging Mixed Reality (MR) technology that combines real and virtual worlds to utilise the best of both worlds by overlaying holograms (3-D virtual objects) on the real world in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Microsoft Japan’s Enterprise Services will provide full backup for this project. Digital advisors belonging to a special unit dedicated to supporting the digital transformation of Microsoft Japan’s customers will assist with all aspects of the project up to deployment, including identifying issues and suggesting solutions that leverage the latest technology.

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