Ril Creed launches in Hong Kong

RIL CREED’s collection of sustainable and ethical Japanese handbags opens its first flagship boutique in Hong Kong.

Launched in 2012 in Japan and 2014 in Hong Kong, The Japanese handbag label RIL CREED is designed by Hanada Kazue, a seasoned designer who has been the design chief at the coveted Kitson Japan.

With over two decades of experience, Kazue’s designs are made for the modern working women on the go. Using only fine genuine leather, with on-trend colours and versatile designs, each of RIL CREED’s handbags are made for every smart-casual occasion.

Made to empower every modern women, each RIL CREED handbag is designed in Tokyo and handmade by artisans with age old craftsmanship. With a vision to revolutionize the handbag industry by using sustainable, upcycled materials and encouraging women to see beyond luxury items, RIL CREED redefines handbags as a tool to collect experiences and a companion in women’s journey to change the world.

RIL CREED’s latest collection is inspired by owls, a spirited animal that symbolizes a deep connection, intuition, and wisdom of the soul. It represents change, transformation, and clarity. The brand aims to empower women through efforts to use sustainable materials and offcuts from factories. This season, upcycled sheepskin, faux fur and suede has been transformed into clean, elegant and effortless designs.

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Born in the 1970s, Hanada Kazue is Chief Designer of one of Japan’s most sought-after handbag brands, RIL CREED. Previously the design chief at Kitson Japan, Hanada has a deep understanding of what a woman needs when it comes to handbags. She has designed some of the bestsellers for the JAYRO, Kitson and Julia Parker labels, and brings to RIL CREED her renowned expertise.

A seasoned handbag designer with over 20 years of experience, Hanada has created a beautiful, smart-casual collection for RIL CREED using only the finest genuine leather and horsetail in a variety of on-season, contemporary colours.

These fashionable and practical designs from Hanada have been extremely popular amongst professional women in Japan and California, and have now set pulses racing amongst Hong Kong’s fashionistas.

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