SoftBank, Huawei demonstrate 5G use cases

Japan’s SoftBank teamed up with Huawei to demonstrate various real-world use cases for 5G.

The companies demonstrated real-time ultra high definition (UHD) video transmission with a throughput of over 800Mbps, as well as remote rendering via a GPU server using edge computing.

During the video tests, SoftBank and Huawei installed a UHD camera outside the demonstration room, then compressed the data from the camera in real-time using an encoder and transmitted it via 5G to a UHD monitor via a decoder.

Scenery was also captured via a 180-degree camera equipped with four lenses pointed in different directions. Captured input was sent to smartphones and tablets over the 5G network to create a 180-degree panoramic video image. Huawei said this technology can be applied to virtual or augmented reality.

In addition, the demonstration involved remote manipulation of a robotic arm with an ultra-low latency of less than 2ms for near real-time control.

The technology was used to allow a robotic arm to play a game of air hockey, detecting the position and projected trajectory of the puck and returning the shot to the human player.a

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