What do Vietnamese people love to buy online?

When it comes to online shopping, fashion is the clear winner while event tickets have the most loyal customers, a recent survey has found.

Durable and service-oriented goods won the hearts of Vietnamese online consumers in the first month of this year, according to a recent Nielsen Global Connected Commerce survey. Around half of surveyed consumers said they had purchased clothing, books, music, stationery and travel services online.

In contrast, fast-moving consumer goods including cosmetics, food and other household products have been slower to gain in popularity among internet shoppers. For these, Vietnamese people still prefer to go to stores and seek advice from shop assistants.

With Vietnam becoming more “connected” and nearly half of the population with easy access to the internet, Vietnamese purchasing habits are changing.

“The online retail ecosystem is fast evolving. The whole retail experience is changing. Today’s shoppers are incorporating digital touch points along the entire path to purchase,” said Roberto Butragueño, associate director at Nielsen Vietnam.

According to the survey, customer loyalty is varied. More than half of respondents who had purchased travel services or books/music/stationery online admitted they would buy those more often online than in store. Event tickets, which attract only one-fourth of online customer, have become the favorite destination for second time purchasing.

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However, once an online shopper does not necessarily mean always an online shopper. The story is different for fashion, electronics and cosmetics.

The survey’s findings are based on more than 200 respondents with online access in Vietnam. Survey responses are based on claimed behavior, rather than actual metered data.

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