Asia to account for 50% of Prada sales

Prada expects that its sales in Asia will account for half of its total sales within one year, while sales in China will be 3 times of current sales in the next 2-3 years.

Deputy Chairman Carlo Mazzi said, “Currently 40 percent of our business comes from Asia, it will rise to 50 percent in the coming year, and I do not think China’s economy will be much affected by the current European economic crisis.”

Prada Brand completed its listing at Hong Kong stock market in June 2011. It also held its spring and summer fashion show in January, 2011 in Beijing.

The brand announced that its sales for the first six months of 2011 rose 38 percent year on year to €223 million.

In addition to Prada Brand, other global fashion brands, such as Burberry, Christian Dior, Rebecca Minkoff are also keenly eyeing the Chinese market.

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