AirAsia’s new inflight menu celebrates Asian flavors

In-flight meals are not usually the most exciting cuisine. During trips, travelers usually make do with cup noodles or overpriced hotdog sandwiches at the airport prior to their flights.

Frequent travelers will be happy to have the option of enjoying appetizing and affordable meals on their way to a destination. Nasi lemak from Malaysia, green curry from Thailand, and beef bulgogi from Korea are just a few of the gourmet meals you can now enjoy onboard AirAsia, whether you’re traveling on international or domestic flights.

AirAsia unveiled its Santan inflight menu and catalogue featuring the best of Southeast Asian flavours at a press event held in Bohol in partnership with Amorita Resort.

Santan or coconut milk is a popular ingredient used in different Southeast Asian cuisine, and is featured in some of the inflight meals. The new inflight menu and catalogue features hot meals, savory snacks, healthy food selections, a variety of beverages, and special gift items and merchandise.

Nasi lemak, a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, served with traditional anchovies chili paste, cucumber, and various side dishes, is considered the national dish of Malaysia. AirAsia’s in-flight version manages to deliver big on flavor, with its savory coconut milk-infused rice and chicken in spicy sambal sauce.

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Chicken rice is popular in hawker stalls and restaurants in Singapore. The Hainanese roast chicken with seasoned rice served with a tasty secret chili, ginger and garlic sauce that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser

Thai green curry, an aromatic chicken curry infused with authentic spices from Thailand like kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil served with fragrant white rice, is also a hit with travelers.

Are you a fan of Korean food? Try AirAsia’s spicy beef bulgogi, a stir-fried beef dish served with japchae or Korean glass noodles.

For true blue Pinoys, there’s also our signature chicken adobo from the Philippines.

Pasta lovers and kids will enjoy the Chicken Lasagne, a blend of classic creamy cheese and chicken with assorted vegetables. Dessert selections include red velvet cake, chocolate meringue and chocolate chip cookies.

AirAsia, which has been voted the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for nine straight years, aims to reinvent flight hospitality with its inflight meal options.

“Gourmet experience onboard doesn’t have to be expensive and as an added value for our guests, we are keeping our pricing at affordable levels and at the same time maintaining the high quality and flavour of all our meals,” said AirAsia Philippines’ head of ancillary Karlo Sanchez.

Hot meals are available onboard and via online pre-booking on all AirAsia flights across their network, extending as far as India, China, Australia and United States. A la carte hot meals cost P150 while combo meals with a choice of drinks and brownie are priced at P180 via online pre-booking.

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To enjoy greater savings, AirAsia encourages guests to pre-book their meals or to purchase their meals in advance online. Guests who pre-book will be assured of meal availability and will enjoy priority meal service onboard.

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