Dyson Malaysia opens concept store in KL

Dyson Malaysia has opened its first concept store, in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Dyson Demo is also the largest space in Southeast Asia for the British engineering company.

“We want our visitors to have the chance to be hands-on with our products. They can pick up, test and experience Dyson’s technology,” says Dyson Southeast Asia GM Martyn Davies.

Three main products feature in the minimalist store – cord-free vacuum cleaners, purifying fans and hairdryers. Davies says Dyson hopes to introduce four new technologies by 2020.

“We have a development centre in Johor Baru, so there is a high chance Malaysian engineers worked on the technology behind these products, and are working on our upcoming ones,” he says.
Visitors to the store can try the vacuum cleaners on three different floor surfaces.

“This space is designed for our clients to pick up the machines, pull them apart and test them on our test track with various dust samples,” says Dyson Electronics head Jim Roovers.

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