Generation Z prefers in-store shopping decisions

An overwhelming number of generation Z, also known as post-millennials, prefer visiting a store as the final step in their shopping process, new research has found.

In its Evolution of Retail 2017 Generation Z shopper survey, Euclid Analytics found that 66 per cent of the demographic prefers in-store shopping, while 28 per cent wants to interact with store staff members.

This mobile-first generation – by broad definition, aged under 22 – uses digital to research products, but then prefers to go to the store to touch and try out items before buying, says the survey. The challenge for retailers will be to figure out a way to help cater to this new approach.

Generation Z prefers to get in and get out when it comes to shopping behaviour, the survey also shows, with 53 per cent saying they dislike browsing in stores and 31 per cent saying it is hard to find items in stores. Meanwhile, 26 per cent want retailers to provide a more tailored shopping experience.
Euclid Analytics CEO Brent Franson says retailers should reach out to generation Z at this early stage to introduce their brands and forge enduring relationships.

“Our findings highlight some great opportunities for them to connect with this mobile-first population that is still very much interested in meaningful in-store experiences. Winning their loyalty will mean getting creative about using mobile and social marketing outreach in their physical stores.”

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