IKEA Offers Discount to Pregnant Women

Ikea Sweden is offering pregnant women a discount on cribs ‒ but a specimen is needed to qualify.

Taking its cue from at-home pregnancy test kits, the furniture giant includes a swatch in its latest print advertisement. By adding urine to the special panel, a chemical reaction reveals a lower price for the crib being advertised, says Adweek.

Devised by Stockholm advertising agency Akestam Holst, the technology was created by Marcene Labs and is being used in the advertisement in a Swedish women’s magazine. The agency even claims that technical advancements made during the work on the campaign “have the potential to improve medical diagnostics”.

The crib in question, the Sundvik, is available online for US$119. For the discount price, available only in Sweden … mums-to-be know what to do. Or maybe they can just waddle in to the store if it is obvious they qualify.

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