The world’s largest ‘hands-on’ interactive product launch

Ksubaka today revealed the results of the world’s largest hands-on experiential product launch for Milka chocolate brand. In just one month more than 12.4 million consumers had a physical interaction with Milka, learning about the product, its ethos and forming an emotional connection.

As part of its launch Mondelez China appointed Ksubaka to devise, create and execute a campaign that would get noticed on a scale never seen before. Ksubaka’s media network of 7000+ touch screen playSpots located in over 130 cities across China were used to deliver an in store interactive branded mini game. Consumers were encouraged to learn about the key attributes and history of Milka chocolate through the power of play. To complete the experience shoppers were invited to interlock fingers with a friend (or stranger) to make a Milka chocolate bar, this created a special moment of ‘Tenderness’. Consumers were then encouraged to take a picture and share their moment of tenderness through social channels (and 5,700 did on Weibo) for a chance to visit the origin of Milka – The Alps.

In just 30 days (October 1st 2016 – October 31st 2016), the campaign has delivered astonishing results;

  • 12.4 Million Shoppers Engaged with the game
  • 299 Million Milka Brand Exposures
  • 81,309 WeChat/Weibo codes scans and shares

“Ksubaka’s unique experiential campaign, at massive scale, has delivered amazing brand emotion and physical interaction, perfectly fitting with Milka’s brand ethos, that Tenderness is Inside,” said, Stephen Maher, President of Mondelez, China.

“Brands have always struggled to engage with consumers at the point of purchase, combine that with the pressure online advertising faces to justify its self administered metrics and the opportunity for a new platform that addresses these issues is vast. Our rapidly growing media network is the first to deliver real-time results at the point of purchase at massive scale. Working with Mondelez we have significantly moved the bar to what is expected from a consumer experiential engagement campaign – in just one month millions of consumers have had a physical interaction with Milka, this is the benchmark!” said Julian Corbett, CEO and founder, Ksubaka.

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As one of the billion dollar brands of the Mondelēz International family, Milka chocolate, which originated in the European Alpine area in 1901, is widely popular among customers in more than 30 countries. It is Milka’s insistence on using pure milk sourced from the Alpine areas that has enabled Milka chocolate’s tender taste to last for over a hundred years. Mondelēz China has attached great importance to Milka chocolate as a brand new category in the China market.

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