ZTE, Huawei sign circular design commitment with KPN

ZTE and Huawei have both committed to producing telecoms equipment for Dutch operator KPN that is circular by design by 2025, to reduce waste and emissions and improve energy efficiency.

A circular design involves minimizing waste, emissions and energy leakage by recycling, repairing and reusing components and employing a long-lasting design.

Huawei, ZTE and five other KPN suppliers have now signed the KPN Circular Manifesto, agreeing to implement a circular design for products manufactured for the operator by 2025.

“Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges in our society and it’s time for action, not words.  As the Netherland’s largest ICT provider, we recognize that we have a leading role to play to enable the necessary transition towards a sustainable and increasingly circular economy. That’s why we’re implementing our own circular economy target with a demanding timeline,” KPN CEO Eelco Blok said.

Huawei said that to achieve its commitment, the vendor plans to incorporate design principles of easy take-bake, maintenance, recycling reuse and maximizing product lifespan.

“For years Huawei and KPN have been working together successfully to improve KPN’s energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Now we need to transition from a linear to a circular way of working,” Huawei Netherlands CEO Steven Cai said.

“It is very commendable that KPN is taking a lead and involving partners in the process. Together with KPN, we’ll take joint responsibility to proactively drive an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon society.”

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KPN was recently recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the world’s most sustainable operator, after having lowered its annual energy consumption over the past six years. The operator is on track to reduce its energy consumption by 50% by 2030 compared to 2010, despite the anticipated continued exponential growth in data traffic.

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